Heat Transfer Coils

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Heat Transfer Coils

Heating and Cooling Coils

Types of Coils:

Coils are available for use in a variety of applications including DX coils (including slab and A-coils), air cooled condensers, hot water, chilled water, heat reclaim (full and partial condensing), fluid cooling, CO2, compressed air cooling, oil cooling and specialized heat transfer fluids.

Design Capabilities:

Using proprietary software, we can rate our coils with virtually any tube-side fluid, including volatile refrigerants and CO2. Our coils are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as those we use in our own equipment.

Production Capabilities:

We offer one of the widest ranges of tube patterns in the industry. We can design and produce coils to meet all your needs.


Fin-aire inc. manufactures finned tube Heating and Cooling Coils using various materials of construction. Casing materials include galvanized steel, copper and stainless steel. A variety of header designs and casing designs are available.


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Coil coatings (including Heresite and E-coat) are available from several third party suppliers.

As our company continues to grow, our technology continues to evolve. If your production requirements are outside the ranges listed above, please contact our sales department for furthur assistance.

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