Our Process

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Our Process

Fin~aire leverages a combination of Lean Manufacturing principles and over 30-years experience in the finned-tube coil manufacturing industry. Fin-aire has invested in the newest technologies and production techniques such as automated brazing and helium leak detection.

Also, we offer one of the most diverse die set configurations in North America. From 5 mm tube OD to 5/8 inch tube OD and everything in between. If you have a non-North American tube size....we can match it.

What does this mean for our customers? A one-stop shop with consistent high quality, competitive prices and lead times to suit your needs.

Automated Coil Brazing:

All return bends have a filller ring installed in each braze location as the coil travel through the auto brazer. The joints are heated to a precise temperature ensuring full and proper melt of the filler material so that an appropriate braze joint is formed. The precise and uniform temperature during the brazing process and the introduction of gas flux further enhances the quality of the joint by eliminating the potential of oxidation.

Helium Leak Detection:

At fin~aire every single coil goes through a final 2 stage test to ensure quality:

  1. Pressure Test: Burst test to a high pressure (depending on final application) and held to ensure there is no decay pressure.

  2. Helium "Sniffer": Only on successful completion of initial stage test each coil has vacuum drawn and helium is introduced. A special helium "Sniffer" is employed to alert the operator to even the very smallest of potential leaks.


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